Monday, June 15, 2009

About This Site

Welcome to the site of Yoko Higashi!
This is an illustration site of Yoko Higashi.
I'm Yoko Higashi, Illustrator. The activity place is Hyogo Prefecture in Japan.
Yoko Higashi made website complete alone.
However, the illustrations other than the work of the illustration by the name of "Yoko Higashi" are not the work of "Yoko Higashi.".
It is goodwill from other people.

Real name is "Yoko Higashi."
"Toyo Child" "Yoko Azuma"(...etc) are mistranslated name.

since Yoko Higashi is using Japanese fundamentally, an English dialog cannot be performed.
I am sorry.
Cautions:Using illustration on other websites without permission is strictly prohibited.
Janitor: Yoko Higashi
(c)2007-2009 Yoko Higashi

The site for introducing Yoko Higashi.
And,the collection blog of illustrations of Yoko Higashi.
A work comment is Japanese.

Le site pour introduire Yōko Higashi.
Et, le blog de la collection d'illustrations de Yōko Higashi.
Un commentaire du travail est japonais.

El sitio por introducir Yōko Higashi.
Y, el blog de la colección de ilustraciones de Yōko Higashi.
Un comentario de trabajo es japonés.