Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yoko Tsuno=「津野 洋子」?

The woman called "Yoko Tsuno" exists.

However, she’s of a fictitious cartoon character.
In the beginning, although I thought "name of unusual combination" (if you are the same name, I’m sorry), investigates and is convinced by Wikipedia.

"She" is a Belgian cartoonist’s work name, and is also the heroine’s name.
It’s said that it’s the series from 1970.
Since the Japanese Kanji name called "洋子" was seen to scene painting when seeing the official homepage, I considered the last name of the Japanese Kanji name of "Tsuno."

Isn’t the Japanese Kanji name of "Yoko Tsuno" "津野 洋子"?
For example, "角", in the Japan name to call is "Sumi" mostly.
Even if the Japanese Kanji name of this pronunciation exists in other, it’s minor in Japan.
Although another "都野" exists, as a name of a person, hardly corresponds by search .

Therefore, last names other than the above cannot be considered.

If there is an opportunity, I want to look at the Japanese version of this work.
Since I cannot read French.

The same name as me, there is friendly feeling.
However, although my name is "Yoko", a Japanese Kanji name is not "洋子" but a "陽子".
「Yoko Tsuno」・・・と言う人物がいるそうだ。


 「Yoko Tsuno」の漢字名は「津野 洋子」じゃないの、これは?